About Us

aboutAllen Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of FRP products engineered through the latest state-of- the-art technology.

Be it a problem of Simple Reinforcement or a Complex Combination of Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronic and Thermal Engineering hardware, we have the required Expertise and experience to combine them and provide required integrated systems and parts.

Uncompromised adoption of suitable Processing and Fabrication Techniques, in-house machining, assembly, quality control and testing facilities ensure timely realization of reliable and repeatable products to meet stringent defence and Aerospace specifications.

We Design and Fabricate suitable Soft & Hard Tooling, like Split type and Collapsible type of Mandrels, Matched Dies, Patterns and Moulds for different Complex Shaped Products, which ensures Continuous, Reliable and Repeatable Production Of Uncompromised Quality Products.

Production, Integration, Assembly and Testing of various parts are undertaken by careful study of the custom built requirements and synergized approach through reliable and competent outsourcing.

Innovative ideas, Professional skills, and perpetual search for updation of technology are the hallmarks of Allen.


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